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How is everyone surviving the flood?

My neighborhood in Old Hickory had about 10 homes with water in them. I saw two families leaving by boat. I was stuck on my street for a day and a half and several businesses in Hermitage were drenched. Luckily my house was far enough up hill that at the height of the water level it was still 3 houses away. Is everyone else ok out there? Does anyone need anything?

Re: How is everyone surviving the flood?

  • We are doing good. We all got stuck @ my parents house THANK THE GOOD LORD ABOVE!!!!!! they sit so high on a hill in the woods & lost electricity for only 1 min tops & it went out & right back on several times. The road they live on though was flooded & no one could get in or out which was fine with me b/c i had NO intentions of leaving anyway!! we finally got back home yesterday. We live about 30miles south & it was BAD!! luckily we didnt get any damage but im wanting to do something for those in need wether it be a clothing or food drive. I cant do much physically b/c im prgo but i still really wanna help!! Plus i dont think there is nearly enough National Coverage!! i feel like NO ONE other than our own are helping us ous!! Glad you are OK!! May GOD be with everyone in this time of need!
  • I've been thinking of ya'll as well....actually put a post on the 6-12 month board this morning about it.

    My FIL lives in Trenton, and his work warehouse was under 5 feet of water when the levee broke in town.  I continue to keep ya'll in my thoughts...Memphis got hammered with flooding, particularly in the northern part of town, but nowhere near the level of Nashville.  Thank God for the bluff we live on!

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  • I live in the Memphis area and luckily we didn't get the worse of it.  I feel so sorry for those in the Nashville area.  My husband and I love the Opryland Hotel and it is heartbreaking to see what has happened there... especially wondering about the catfish.  (The huge one that is the oldest one there... he's awesome).

    I live on a lake and the lake rose to be even with my land... which was about 4.5 feet.  But, that is nothing in comparisson with the other places.

  • I live in Old Hickory as well. There were over 100 homes in our neighborhood  that were flooded and people are trying to rebuild but not everyone had insurance. We chose to rebuild (we did have flood insurance) so we're staying in a hotel until it's complete. I actually had my son the night we had to be water rescued from our home... He has a wild birth story!!!!!  
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