Are you feeling any better?


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    aw, thanks for checking in on me :) Yes, I'm feeling better. Pretty much laid on the couch all day & drank a lot of water. Think I was just overtired (been working looong hours lately), and the Braxton Hicks just sort of freaked me out, since I've never felt them before. Tomorrow is a new day!

    By the way -- congrats on team blue & pink! I'm so excited for us both :) 

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    Oh good.  Glad to hear that you are feeling better.  I think I've only had BH once, but I am not ever sure.  Sometimes I feel like my stomach is getting really hard and then it's that how you feel?

    I am very excited for the both of only worry right now is when I go back in 4 months, the peri is going to tell me the girl is a boy.  =)

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