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Can the Beco accomodate BF? Sling rec?

I am looking for a carrier that I can also breastfeed from, I like the Beco and was wondering if you can BF from this type of carrier? Any rec's on simple slings for a petite mama?


Re: Can the Beco accomodate BF? Sling rec?

  • I can't BF in the Beco. Some ppl do in mei tais but I couldn't do it there either. I have a short torso & just couldnt' get the positioning right.The Beco has cloth between you & baby so you can't BF in it. I love my Beco though & both DH & I use it daily.

    A ring sling is probably your best bet for BFing on the go. I used to do cradle carry w/ Ari when he was younger, now I just lower him a bit & latch him on. The tail is a built in cover. Even w/o the tail (Ari usually bats it away) I can pull the top rail up high enough that no one can tell what I'm doing. 

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