Home from being checked for pre-e

Thank you for sharing your experiences in my previous post, I really appreciate it.  I'm definitely going to be prepared with my bag at each appointment going forward.

I saw the NP who confirmed that my BP was high, but not in a danger zone yet.  She checked out the girls, and they weren't showing any signs of stress.  In the end she decided to let me go home on strict instructions to stick to my bed rest, stay hydrated, and call if anything got any worse than was in the office today.  I'm also supposed to monitor my BP every 2 hours and record it.  My 24 hour catch will be back tomorrow, as will my doc to review the results herself.  She also took a copy of the BP's I recorded for her to review as well.

Thanks again for all of your support!  Keeping our fingers crossed that all goes well and I can cook these girls until my c-section.

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Re: Home from being checked for pre-e

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