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drug recall + food sensitivity mamas

i'm sure you've all seen the recall of all the motrin, tylenol, etc. we were using infant motrin dye-free bc we knew it was gluten-free. with all those gone, we had to find something else.

since DD has croup, she's got an on/off fever plus teething. (is it fair that you keep teething even with the croup? i think not.)

here's what i've learned: cvs store brand infant ibuprofen berry-flavor dye-free is gluten-free. it does have some kind of soy, but they couldn't tell us which form right at that moment. we're thinking soy lecithin used as an emulsifier, but the customer support people are going to get more details and get back to us.

Re: drug recall + food sensitivity mamas

  • Wow.  I didn't even think about checking DS's tylenol for soy ingredients.  Great.  I just picked up the CVS cherry flavored dye free substitute.  I need to check it for soy. 

  • i keep finding things i never thought to check.

    not only medications, but my lip balm or my shampoo and hand lotion. sigh. if we hear back from the manufacturer on this one, i'll repost with soy info.

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  • So are you avoiding non-food items that contain soy?  Does soy exposure from your lip balm or shampoo works its way into your milk?  I'm so new at this.  Embarrassed
  • sorry to be vague. my DD is eating solids, so our avoidance of soy and gluten have to do with her diet more than with exposure she'd get from my BM. i'm genetically gluten sensitive and have some soy issues myself, so our whole family has gone GF-SF.

    the lip balm/shampoo surprises were both wheat germ oil (gluten), not soy.

  • Oh, sorry!  Now that I look at your ticker, that makes sense. 
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