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BLW: Lily tried broccoli tonight.

She's been grabbing at my food for the past two weeks. She almost got ahold of my burrito at Chipotle today. So, tonight at dinner, I put a piece of well cooked broccoli in front of her. She mostly just smooshed it around, and played with it- but a couple of bits made it into her mouth. Complete with the "ick, mom!" face. I love introducing solids.

Re: BLW: Lily tried broccoli tonight.

  • Yay Lily!  We are going to be doing the same sometime in the next few weeks.
  • Try it dipped in some plain (or flavored in Mrs. Dash and Dill) full fat yogurt.  DD LOVES her broccoli dipped in yogurt and I love that she's getting a few extra calories.  It's messy, but we do it before bath anyways so I don't mind.  And it's fun to watch!
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  • Broccoli is Ari's favorite food. He munched on one piece for the majority of dinner last night. If we plan on offering broccoli we have to offer it last, b/c once has has some he won't eat anything else we give him.


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