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I am looking to buy a used minivan (probably about a 2005 or so).  Does anyone have a rant or rave about a particular type?  We are going out for a search tomorrow and I wanted some input Big Smile

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  • jescgrljescgrl member
    I just bought a 1999 Ford Windstar and I adore it. BUT I have to say that for 2005 models I LUST over the Dodge Grand Caravan!!!! seriously I love them but couldnt afford one so I got the ford.
  • We literally just bought (last week) a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan and I'm loving it. It was much less expensive than I was expecting and although it's not the tricked out version with leather and auto-everything it does have the doors that open at the touch of a button AND the middle seat windows go down! On a minivan! It's the coolest thing I've ever seen - but I'm easily excited. I think it was a new feature after 2007 though so an 05 might not be as fancy.

    Everyone I know with a Honda Odessey loves them to death too but even a used one was out of our price range. I also test drove a Kia which was very reasonably priced and drove nicely, although it didn't have very many fancy features.

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  • jen5-03jen5-03 member

    We do extended RFing, so we have 2 RFing carseats, plus a 15yo SS.

    If you need to have 2 RFing carseats in the 2nd row and still have access to the 3rd row, it limits your options. The Kia won't work (which is sad because I loved how it drove). You need to be able to either shift one of the 2nd row seats over so you can pass thru on the side (Sienna or Odyssey) or have one of the 2nd row seats stowed and keep one carseat in the 3rd row (Caravan or T&C).

    That's how we ended up in a Sienna - well, that and we couldn't afford even a used Odyssey plus there were hardly any used ones out there to look at.

    - Jena
  • Ours is MUCH older (97) but I LOVE our Toyota Sienna. 

  • We have the Honda and I'm unabashedly in love with it. :)

    We also took a nice long look at the Sienna as well. All in all, I could have been a very happy mommy with either one.

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