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how do I know she's done?

My new daughter (1 wk) often falls asleep as I feed her.  I will take her off the breast and burp her or reposition her to get her started.  But I never know exactly when she's done. I'm trying to listen to her swallows (which are soft) to get a feel for if she's eating or just sucking but do you have any other tips? Sometimes I think she's done and then 20 minutes later we're back at it again.
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Re: how do I know she's done?

  • She is still establishing your milk supply, you are doing great by feeding her often.  Her falling asleep at your beast indicates she is getting enough, you'll be feeding her quite often at some parts of the days and other parts will be her sleep time and she will go for longer.  When she falls asleep r pulls off the breast you know that she is done.
  • It is very hard to tell at this point!  It will become easier as she grows and is able to stay awake a little longer and as you get better at determining what active nursing feels like.  You'll get to know each other better and better!

    For now, you'll just kind of have to guess!   It's very normal to feed her fairly often at this point.  I think what you're doing sounds just perfect.  You can try and keep her awake (are you giving both breasts?) for as long as you can for a feeding but then be ready to feed again if need be. 

    You really can't nurse a 1 wk old too often.  It can be totally exhausting, but in the long run you'll be glad you did!  GL!

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