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? for those that have the Mirena.

Have you experienced any side effects?  I thought the side effects were supposed to be very minimal.  I've noticed the past few months that my appetite has increased and I feel bloated a lot.  I've also pretty much had my period/light spotting since getting it put in two months ago.  I've also been losing a lot of hair too, which I'm not concerned about so much because I have a TON of it.  And I've been a little sick to my stomach this week.  I just wonder if this is related to the Mirena.  I swear I almost feel like I'm pregnant, but I know that's not the case.
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Re: ? for those that have the Mirena.

  • I POAS on Wed night because I have been feeling nauseous for a week too. I think that I just felt sick one day and my mind immediately went into hysterics...and anxiety caused the nausea for the next few days until I finally took a damn test. Im supposed to be waiting for AF to arrive again before I get the Mirena put in...but that ain't happening. I need birth control, like NOW or I'm gonna lose my mind. that you posted this I'm even more anxious.

    I thought it was a very low dose of whatever delivered locally, not absorbed into the system. So shouldn't be experiencing all of that from Mirena. Are those listed possible side effects?

  • I had the Mirena for a year and a half after my son was born. They say that the hormones in it are localized only to the region directly around the iud but I still reacted badly to it. I have complex migraines that the hormones made so much worse. I eventually had it taken out.  Then I got Paraguard and I had all of the symptoms you have named for the Mirena (ie bloating, sickness, abdominal soreness, etc). Needless to say, I also had that one removed. Maybe your like me and your body just doesn't agree with iud's.
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  • It does say that these are possible side effects but it's less than 5%.  I seriously feel like I'm pregnant but I know I can't be.
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  • The hair loss is from no longer being pregnant, not the Mirena!  After both my kids, at around the three month mark my hair started falling out so much it looked like a drowned rat in the drain after each shower!!!  I was seriously getting worried!  Lasted about 2 months, I think.
  • Ahhh, well that's good to know, Cuteman!  I'm lucky that I have a lot of hair. I think if I started collecting what I'm losing I could make a small wreath out of it.
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  • I also lost a TON of hair PP and wasn't on any BC. I am dreading that this time Sad
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