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Relocating to Greensboro


 We will be moving to Greensboro for my husband's job - we have never been and are not familiar with the area at all.  We are looking for a nice area to live with good school systems, low tax rates, family friendly activities..........

Any suggestions would be welcome.  My husband thought that Oak Ridge and Summerfield both had good ratings for their school systems....

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  • I know that Oak Ridge is a popular place to be for the schools.  I can't tell you any specifics, but when I was working a lot of people reloed to oak ridge with children specifically for the schools.  It is a little further away from everything though.  I can't tell you about the summerfield school system, but i think it's pretty good too.  If you want to be "closer" to things like 5-10 mins away vs. 15-20, you could try northwest greensboro.  I've heard that the Northern elementary, middle and high school are sought after public schools.  There are of course great private schools around here too.  Nora is not school age yet, but we are near the jesse warton elementary school and that is a really good one.  the middle and high school are not as great, but we hope to move by then. 
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    You may already know this, but the Guilford Co. school system is one large school system, regardless where in the county you live.  Obviously specific schools will differ in quality, and I'm not sure about Guilford Co. schools' placement process, but I know there is some flexibility in your selection of preferences.  I live in the county next door so I'm sorry I can't help with specifics!  Good luck!
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  • Thank you, this information is helpful.  
  • depending on which side of G-boro you are on you could consider Kernersville.  It is in Forsyth county and has some great schools.  It is about halfway between Winston Salem and Greensboro!
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