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Why Am I Jealous??

All these girls are getting pregnant on the boards, congrats to all of you btw! And for some reason I'm starting to miss being pregnant....why, I dont know! I guess it's just that nature of it. Once you have one you want more. lol

I didnt have a bad pregnancy, a lil morning sickness in the 2nd tri but thats about it. But my BF & I arent in the place to have another one right now.

So why am I getting jealous!? Anyone else wish they were pregnant?

Re: Why Am I Jealous??

  • Me!!! I have a bad case of baby fever.
  • I've been wanting to be PG off and on since I had C. It usually lasts a day or two and then goes away. Strangely now I keep pushing it off, we were going to start trying this summer but I don't feel ready. I have issues : )
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  • The only reason I want to be pregnant is to have an excuse to eat as much as I have been.




  • My heart wants to be pregnant and have another LO, but my head knows better....

    at least not right now anyway.

    I feel your pain.

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  • Me! I have had the fever since DD was 10 months.
  • yeah no, I have no idea why you are jealous.  That sounds really selfish to me.

    Please look here...it might explain a thing or two!  Embarrassed

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