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I'm a little worried.

I have to go back to school this fall. My schedule will be some thing like Mon. Wed. Fri.--10, 11, 1. Tues.--9, 12:30.  Thurs. 12:30. I will also have to leave at least an hour and a half before the earliest, and can plan not to get home for about an hour and a half after the last. I can't pump her whole feedings even when I make a "fake feeding," or try and pump in place of a feeding. Does it just take a while to be able to create a feeding? I'm worried about not being able to keep up with her and about losing what I've worked so hard to get to.

This may seem like it is a little early to be worrying about it, but I need to be trying to build a freezer stash for this time and am just so scared that BFing is going to end come August. Is there a way I can do some serious pumping between now and then? How can I make sure I have a letdown and pump her whole feeding or at least close to it? Can I do power pumping at night after she goes to bed to help? If so, how often can I do this? I have to try and call soon to make sure I will have some place to pump in the fall. I will also have to figure out how to store the milk for so long.

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Re: I'm a little worried.

  • Try to pump as close to LO's feeding schedule as you can.  So if she eats every 3 hours, try to pump every 3 hours while you're away from her.  By then your supply will likely be pretty established so you won't have to worry too much about it.  Before going back to work at 10 weeks, I'd pump 20 min after nursing, once or twice a day.  When DS slept for long stretches at night or took a really long nap during the day, I'd pump then too.  BM kept frozen in a freezer attached to the fridge stays good for 3-4 months.  If you want to store for longer than that, get a deep freezer.  There it will last 6 months.  Power pumping as I understand it is pumping for 10 min., rest for 20 min, pump for 10 min., rest for 20... over and over for 1 hour.  Try not to stress about it now, you're still a good ways away and lots of things will change between now and then.
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