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Advice pls LO has fever

Hi ladies.  I spoke to my pedi today and he said to keep giving tylenol every 4 hours to treat the fever.  It has not gotten better so I am taking her in first thing in the morning.  Her temp. is not rising but the fever is not going away either.  Do you mommies have any advice on a way to try and keep her comfortable.  She will fall asleep but will only stay asleep for a short period of time.  I tried giving her a bath, lotion massage, rocking, holding and I can't seem to get her comfortable.  She is still eating really well and plenty of pee diapers.  TIA

Re: Advice pls LO has fever

  • maybe just put a cool washcloth on her head?  I don't know.  
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  • I will try that thank you!
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  • yeah, I was trying to think of what I would do for my DD (hasn't gotten a fever yet) and I thought of a bath which you had done and then I thought of the washcloth.  I can't really think of anything else. It's good she's eating good and isn't getting dehydrated!  Good job mommy!!
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