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Food Allergy Moms - Product Rave

I am in love with the people from Ian's foods.  Max is milk/wheat/soy intolerant.  I normally cook most of his food from scratch but sometimes it's nice to have something fast and easy.  I love these.  They are (as healthy as you can get) convenience foods.  But they have several varieties that are free of all major 8 allergens.  I love them.  Max just inhaled their Mac and No Cheese. I make him something similar and he ate this way better.  I love Ian's!

Re: Food Allergy Moms - Product Rave

  • Thanks!  Where did you get them?
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  • thanks! i'm looking into it right now!
  • I got some at Whole Foods and some at a local grocery store.  Here is the website.
  • If you email their customer service inquiring about their products, they'l send you a ton of coupons. 
  • Thanks!  We need all the options we can get, especially as she gets older and want to be like the other kids.
  • They are good--haven't tried the mac and no cheese yet but bought it--so we'll try it soon.

    BTW---there's a blog I started in siggy that lists some foods I've found to be good for DS--might help you.


  • DD has had their chicken nuggets and fish sticks (purchased at Kroger), but I've never seen the mac n' cheese.  I will have to search for it b/c currently I just make noodles and then heat soy cheese over it; DD doesn't mind it, but it would be nice to have an alternative. 
  • Thanks, that's great to hear about! Will is allergic to wheat, corn, strawberries, and now it's looking like eggs and peanuts as well. I'm always looking for new products and resources!
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