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how do I combat the issue?? DS is 16 months now and pulling it every time I see him do it is not cutting it! HELP 

Re: thumbsucker!!

  • Something bitter on the nails? I have no idea! I was a thumbsucker until I was 11 Embarrassed. But on the positive side, it didn't really mess up my teeth.
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  • Thumb sucking at his age isn't a problem.  The majority of kids give it up once they have the verbal skills to articulate what they want and don't need to use the thumb as a soothing mechanism.  Constantly drawing attention to it by pulling it out of his mouth will potentially cause him to suck it more.

    Here's some more info about thumb sucking.  DS still sucks his, but it has dropped significantly.  He's down to just when he's tired or nervous.

  • Ditto Agrippa. Let him quit on his own.
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