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PSA: Accidents happen so quickly :(

(This post is not meant to bring up any other past stories about babies in the bath.)

Tonight when DS was taking a bath I went to get the plant on the window sill to give it water and all of the sudden I heard DS screaming/crying. He was kneeling at the edge of the tub and had clearly either just fallen in (from sitting) or had tried to unsuccessfully blow bubbles (which he learned at swimming lessons today). He freaked. He wanted me to grab him, which I did, and I brought him to his room and he sat in the rocker with me (soaking wet, but with a towel around him) for 5 minutes or so. He couldnt tell me what had happened, but he was really shaken up and asked to go to bed. Sad

 Now I was not more than 2 feet from him when this happened and had not had my back turned for more than 5 seconds. But I still feel horrible. Accidents happen, I understand that, but I wish that I had been sitting right there playing with him when it did happen.

Just needed to share that. Thanks.

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Re: PSA: Accidents happen so quickly :(

  • Goodness, I'm thankful to hear that he's okay.

    Accidents can and will happen to people. Don't feel too bad. 

  • Yikes, that's scary. DS has lost his balance and almost fallen backwards in the tub a few times, but DH and/or I are always there to catch him just in time. Just that shakes him up enough, so I can't imagine how scared your little guy was! I'm glad to hear he's okay!

    And don't feel bad - kids have a way of finding trouble as soon as we turn our backs, even if it's only for a second.

  • poor fella!  dh turned his back once just to get a towel out of the cabinet and charlie tried to brush his teeth with a razor.  it was terrifying!! things can happen so quickly!
  • I am so glad he is ok.  Accidents do happen quickly, and hearing stories like this always make me think twice about turning my back, even for a second. :( don't feel bad, it could happen to any of us and they call it an accident for a reason
  • Good to hear that he is okay.  I basically hate the tub.  Twice now DS has taken a header into the tub while we were filling it and sitting next to him next to it.  TWICE.  Once it happened to me and once to DH.  I mean touching his arm has he reached for a toy he dropped in and caught him as his head was going under.  I hate hate hate the tub. 
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  • That sucks, poor baby! I'm glad he's ok though.
  • How scary!!!  I'm glad everything turned out okay:)
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  • I'm glad he's okay!

    DS2 is the one starting to give me a heart attack while he's in the bathtub. He is fearless and so fast!

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  • Something similar happened to us a few months ago. So scary. I'm glad everything is okay.
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  • I'm so glad he is ok! Sorry he is scared:( I'm pretty sure nothing scares me more than young kids and water.
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  • I'm so sorry that this happened to you and your DS.  but accidents do happen.  on sunday, i let DS "sit" on the changing table playing with a wipe and turned to stick his clothes in a drawer.  well, he fell off onto the hardwood.  thankfully, he was fine, but it is the same situation.  it is not good for you or LO to be a helicopter parent.  you do what you can do, and sometimes schit still happens. 
  • Good for you for posting. It only takes seconds and this is a greart reminder.

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