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Constant crying

My 14 month old cries constantly lately.  It's been exhausting.  I don't know what's gotten into her lately.  First I thought it was an allergy since she developed a bad rash all over her.  But, it's gone now and she's still doing it.

Her cries have changed to these ear piercing wails lately that sound like she is being tortured.  She mostly does it during bathtime, mealtime,  and anytime I am doing something and can't devote my entire attention to her.  She used to be able to entertain herself for a few minutes while I accomplished something, but lately all she wants to do is be held.  And sometimes even that doesn't calm her down.

She is currently eating just fine (for the most part), does not have a temp, and is STTN.  Taking good naps too.  I am trying to wean her, which might have a little to do with it, but even when I give in to her demands and nurse her, she is still fussy afterwards.

What gives?  Anyone else noticed a ramp up in the fussiness since hitting toddlerhood?

Re: Constant crying

  • I would take her to the Doctor ASAP. It is probably teething or something but I would take her in to be sure. Fussiness I hear is normal but not ear piercing crying. There may be something wrong (ear infection, etc). Does she have a temp?

  • Has it been for several days in a row, or just for a day or two? DD has off days and it's usually related to teething or constipation. Has your LO had a bowel movement lately? When DD is having trouble, I give her cut up prunes and that usually does the trick. She's back to her usual self by the next morning!
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