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Does Cool Mist humidifier work?

I thought my LO was reacting badly to the crazy amount of pollen we've had lately or teething (he's getting molars) but his nose has gone from totally clear and runny to hard for him to breathe through his nose. He's already down for the night but keeps tossing and turning b.c he cant breathe. 

HELP! Should I get the cool mist humidifier out? Any other ideas? Thanks ladies 

Re: Does Cool Mist humidifier work?

  • It seems all the pedi's I've seen highly recommend it.  But from my experience, I just don't see how it really helps my LO.  Going in a hot steam bathroom (with shower on) and breathing that seems to help a lot more.
  • I run mine all the time for her. It definitely helps her.
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  • For us it's ok in the summer but sucks in the winter.  We have a hot humidifier for bad colds and winter dryness.  
  • I bought a cool mist when my LO got sick last time and it worked wonders! It really broke up all the congestion in DS's chest. I think it was better than my hot one.

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