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How quickly did you lose weight PP? Can it affect your milk?

8 days after giving birth I'm down 18 lbs which is half of my overall pregnancy weight gain. Is this normal? If not, could that be why I'm having milk supply issues? I've posted a couple times today about milk supply already, if you want to check out my previous posts. Thanks.

Re: How quickly did you lose weight PP? Can it affect your milk?

  • As long as you are eating enough the weight loss shouldn't affect your milk supply. My LC recommends 2000 calories a day for nursing mamas, which sounds like a lot but only works out to an average amount of food.

     About 4 months PP I went on a strict diet to lose the rest of my baby weight and it DEFINITELY affected my supply. I gave up and started working out instead and it worked just as well without having to worry about my milk drying up.

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    I gained 40 pounds during pregnancy.  A week later I was down 25 pounds, and I actually had an oversupply.

    Weight loss can affect supply, but like the pp said, as long as you're getting enough calories and WATER (so important!) it shouldn't be the reason.

    Sorry to hear you're having issues!

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  • I gained about 20 pounds during pregnancy and was 3 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight at 2.5 weeks post partum. I've got plenty of milk (oversupply I'd think).
    ditto the above. I don't think weight loss has anything to do with it as long as you're taking in enough calories and drinking enough water.
  • Gah...I am still holding onto 10 lbs from pregnancy.  I wanted to start the couch to 5k but also worry about supply, i don't drink enough as is (no supply problems tho)

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  • I lost all my baby weight by 6 weeks pp; about 2 weeks after giving birth I was already down about 20 lbs., and I haven't had problems with my supply. I think you lose a lot of water weight at first is what happens. Just make sure you're eating enough and drinking a TON of water.
  • The weight you lost is not fat... it's not calorie burning sort of weight.  It's not just the weight of your baby either!

    During pregnancy did you realise that your blood volume increases by 45-50%?  So when you lose blood during birth and post partum... that's not blood that your body has to work to rebuild- that blood can just be shed and that is reflected as lost weight- about 3 pounds just in blood alone! 1.5 lbs for the placenta, 2 lbs for the amniotic fluid, about 4 lbs for retained water.

  • By two weeks, I was down 28 pounds, and I only gained 16.

    I have had zero supply problems.

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