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Wasted milk- thanks PSE&G

My husband doesn't really get it so I need to vent/complain to some women that totally will.

The electric company is upgrading power lines under the ground in our neighborhood and naturally hit a line.  We lost all power at 4pm yesterday and found out that it would be out until at least 7am.  I didn't care about anything other than my stash of milk in the freezer.  I dumped TONS of ice in the cooler, put in my milk, covered it in more ice, and prayed.

Well.... all 100+ oz. were thawed this morning.  I cried as I dumped all the bags in the trash.  I now have 0 ozs. in the freezer and my DS has been eating more frequently than ever today.  I feel like I"m never going to get to pump and replenish my freezer stash. Crying

Re: Wasted milk- thanks PSE&G

  • I SO feel your pain. My freezer malfunctioned and I lost half of my 180+ oz when the baby was 3 months old. I cried for an hour while my husband looked at me like a crazy person and said "Don't cry over spilt milk" (he thought he was HILARIOUS).

    To be honest I never did pump enough to get back to that much frozen milk but I didn't need it (SAHM, baby hates bottles anyway) so I didn't freak out. I actually still have 90% of what I didn't lose.

  • My husband told me the same thing!  Not funny buddy! haha

    I don't NEED the freezer stash either.  I am also a SAHM, but having the freezer stash allows me to go out without LO (which is rare anyway) and for my husband to put our son to bed occasionally.  It eased my mind to know that I could supplement with BM if I ever needed to (and I have 2-3 times).

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  • Just pump a little when you can and build up a few more frozen baggies. Even if it takes a while the milk is good for at least 6 months in a regular freezer and 12 + months in a deep freeze. You can keep a couple oz at a time in a bottle in the fridge and freeze it once you get a bag full.

    I know what you mean about the peace of mind knowing it's there if you need it - I can't bring myself to throw away 12 month old milk JUST IN CASE although clearly I'm never going to use it. The thought of having no frozen breastmilk freaks me out! I'm totally a crazy person.

  • I know how you feel! Our fridge crapped out on us a few months back and I lost about 50 oz. Luckily I had some in the deep freeze b/c I work part time. It wasn't necessarily the amount of spoiled milk that upset me, but the wasted time I spent pumping that milk I was pouring down the drain!
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  • I am so very sorry.. :(

    I about lost if over 8 oz today (I'm still working on building a stash and am NOT efficient at it) I would be absolutely destroyed over loosing that much.

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  • I would be devestated!


    Our power went out two days ago. I started freaking out about my supply, too. Luckily it was only out for 10 minutes.

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