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nervous about leaving 16mo DD for 4days

I follow these boards frequently but do not often post. However an upcoming business trip to Hong Kong is making me nervous so I figured perhaps some of you bumpies could offer some advice/support.

My DD is 15mo (the trip is a month from today) and during the week nurses a.m./p.m and I pump 3 times a day for her while at work (still). We nurse 4-5 times a day on weekends, usually 4. She has a milk protein allergy and I have just started adding an oz of soy milk to her sippies to see how she tolerates it. She REFUSED straight soy. By the time of my trip I will have enough frozen BM to last the duration of my trip. Neither of us seem ready to wean and because of the dairy issues I would really prefer that we get closer to 2 before we wean. I don't feel too great about putting her on any milk alternatives at this point.

I am really nervous that after being away from her for that many days/feedings she will not want to continue. I can't imagine EPing and remaining dairy free to do so at this point, I am so over the pump and would have quit pumping months ago while continuing to BF am/pm if not for the dairy issues.

I am also worried about maintaining my supply becasue it will be difficult to pump on any sort of schedule while I am there. Hopefully I can pump like crazy on the plane. I will bring a manual pump in hopes of sneaking off to the restroom during breaks for releif but imagine most of the pumping will have to be done when I should be sleeping. Hopefully being jetlagged will help with that.

I have so much anxiety about this. I have put so much into BFing, pumping at work, being dairy free for 12mo+. I know we will wean eventually but I really want it to happen on her terms and not because of a forced work event.KWIM?

Thoughts? Has anyone resumed nursing after a 4-5 day, or longer, break?

Thanks :-)

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Re: nervous about leaving 16mo DD for 4days

  • I haven't been away from DS for that long but I just wanted to say that I totally get where you're coming from.  DS has a slight MP sensitivity and I'm still pumping at work.  I'm debating over the milk alternatives but haven't tried anything yet.  Hopefully you'll be able to pump 4x/day while you're gone... even if you do 2 that are spaced closer together in the morning then 2 at night.  This would be similar to the moms who just BF when they're home and don't pump- they're bodies have adjusted to this schedule without diminishing supply.  Best of luck with whatever you decide, and safe trip!
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  • Thanks so much. I'm know we will get through this, just not looking forward to it, and I appreciate the support. I guess I will be able to add "trip to Hong Kong" to my list of conquered breastfeeding battles.
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