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How much milk/juice does your one year old drink?

How much milk and juice does your one year old drink?

Re: How much milk/juice does your one year old drink?

  • We offer her about 20-24 oz of milk a day.  She drinks most of it.

    She sips water throughout the day & gets a few ozs of juice with dinner.

  • DD has four 6 oz sippy cups of milk a day, so about 24oz.

    She does not drink juice, only water. She maybe drinks 4oz of water a day. Maybe.


  • I should have included in my OP what your pedi recommended? LO had her one year visit today and she said only 12oz of milk per day, no juice, only water. I was surprised. LO gets juice at daycare and I give her juice with dinner. And she has been drinking about 24oz of milk per day.

  • Heh.  I offer her around 20 oz of milk a day.  I'd say she drinks 8 of those.  It's a constant struggle.  She hates juice.
  • 3 straw sippy cups full milk and only water..Juice is not needed.. I see to many kids with decay everywhere and they are all juice drinkers..

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  • She gets 18oz of milk and usually takes 15-18. No juice, only water as juice has no nutritional value and can mess with teeth.

  • I give him 2 sippy cups of milk through the day - my pedi said 12-15oz per day. I think the sippy's are 9oz each, he never drinks a whole one. I give him juice diluted in water at lunch and throughout the day.
  • DD probably drinks 4oz of milk per day and 4oz of juice and some water.  I offer it to her all day long but this is all I get... she still nurses twice a day.
  • My pedi recommended around 16 oz. a day of milk and no juice. My son drinks 3 or 4 five ounce sippy cups of milk and 1 or 2 five ounce sippy cups of water.
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