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Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Back to work on Monday, what should I tell my students?

I've had a sub in my classroom for the past two weeks.  The kids don't know why I have been gone.  They didn't know I was pregnant, but I know there are going to be questions when I come back because I teach 5th grade and they are!  I don't want to tell them I was sick because that would imply I am all better and I'm not since I still have a lot of pain during the day.  I'm hoping I can get away with saying I had to have an operation on my tummy and that's that...
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Re: Back to work on Monday, what should I tell my students?

  • I'm sorry. That is difficult. I would maybe say something like you had to have surgery and that you are still not feeling 100%,  I am a teacher, too, and was surprised at how being back in the classroom made me feel more "normal" in a way.
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  • Tell them you had your appendix out. Lol. That will help explain your surgery, stitches and pain during the day.

    Or something along those lines.  

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  • I think that telling them you had surgary and that you're still not feeling 100% is a good explanation.  They might ask why, but maybe you can deflect that by responding quickly.  After you tell them you had surgary, turn it around and say something like,"And I missed you a lot!  What have you been learning?"  or "How was ________?" (insert event at your school).

    When I returned to school after my loss, the worst part for me was the other teachers.  I was new to the district this year and really didn't know anyone very well.  The first person to see me started grilling me about where I'd been and I totaly cracked.  BUT it turned out she was 15 weeks pregnant after THREE blighted ovums.  She teared up and I knew she felt horrible.

    I hope everything goes well for you Monday!

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  • I think telling them you had surgery is a good idea too. Let them know you aren't willing to answer any questions about it. When I went back I focused on how much I missed them and I let them write me letters about what I missed in their lives. The hardest part for me was also the teachers. I hated and still hate walking down the halls seeing the sorrow in their eyes. Just think, how many days until summer vacaction? Cool
  • I'd go the "I had surgery" route too.  If they ask, just tell them it was for something in your tummy and it's hard to explain.  They usually stop asking when you say it's difficult to least, my students do.  :)  GL and sorry you had to go through any of this!
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