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Question from a lurker...

I posted this on 3tri and thought I would post here too. I love lurking on here, i have learned so much from you all. I would really appreciate your advice! Thanks!  

Hi Ladies,

I took the breastfeeding class at my hospital and talked to a LC and they recommended starting at 37 weeks to not wear an underwire bra anymore (I am a DDD, so this really made me nervous) to help with breastfeeding when LO comes.

My nursing bras have been great but they are cotton and my underwires were all satin. I think my nipples are starting to chafe because I am not used to the cotton against them....

Anyone have this problem and what have you done to help this? Thanks! 

Re: Question from a lurker...

  • I know your pain, I'm in an F.  I found the no underwire nursing bras to be okay.  Just stay the hell away from demi-cups (yes, they make demis in F, no clue why).  ETA: I just realized you said you already had the nursing's Friday.

    You can also try wearing the nursing pads to protect your nips (Medela and Lansinoh are the best imo).

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  • Honestly, once you start BFing you'll be wearing pads in the bras anyways, so the chafing is probably going to happen either way. I'd just stock up on lanolin cream and apply it throughout the day. GL!
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  • I have a friend that swears by these!

     I know they're for after the baby comes, but they might help you out now :)

  • My main nursing bra is has underwire (full D cup).  As far as the chafing goes, try the lanolin and go ahead and wear the nursing pads.
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