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How is my LO happy??

Background: I never felt my milk "come in", I have not been engorged once in the least and my nipples never leak.  Everyone, including my doc, is saying this is OK, as long as my LO is very content and pooping and peeing well, which she absolutely is.  However, last night she was awake from 11-5 almost the entire time.  She wanted to nurse quite a bit of that time and I was frustrated beyond belief because nothing would make her happy.  I went to the doc today and she had gained 3 oz and is sill 6 oz. from her birth weight.  My doc seems entirely unconcerned about this due to the fact that she is happy, and peeing and pooping.  So then today I tried pumping for the first time about an hour after a nursed - I only got less than 1/2 oz. in about 15 minutes of pumping both sides!!!  How can my baby be content if that is all I am giving her??  Please help!
My two littles.

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Re: How is my LO happy??

  • Pumping is no where as efficient at getting milk as your baby is.  Also, the first few times you pump are even less efficient.

    At 2 weeks, she may be going through a growth spurt, thus the increased demand.  It should level out soon, and your pedi is right.


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  • some of us don't respond well to the pump. My dd is 12lbs 10oz (born 6lb 2 oz on 1.25.10, at 36 wks) I never felt milk come in, and I have never leaked once. The most I ever get pumping is 2.5oz total.

    just remember to eat well, drink a ton of water, like seriously 100oz at least, and get enough rest to raise your hormone levels.

    If she's happy, your doc is happy, then you should be too


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  • If you are really concerned about your supply, see an LC and do a weigh in before and after a feed. It is inexact, but it will give you an idea.

    I never felt my milk, got engorged or leaked and I do have low supply, but the biggest clue was that DD was not gaining weight. Her weight gain was ok at first and then slowed considerably by her 1mo appt. There were times she must have been hungry, but she was almost always happy. 

    The pump is no where near as good as your baby and it takes awhile for your body to get used to it. I still have a crappy pump day here and there (today for example, I have barely pumped 2oz all day). 

    Good luck! Just keep putting her to the breast as often as she wants. 

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  • My little man lost over his 10% too quickly and here, where I am in Canada, they have nurses check in 3 days after you've returned home. Since he lost so much weight she immediately asked that I supplement him with formula. So I've been doing that and pumping and he's almost back up to his birth weight. Now I'm supposed breastfeed him more then supplement but I'm afraid to because I think he's going to lose weight again. I too only get about 1/4 - 1/2 oz when I pump both sides. My baby seemed happy too, besides him loosing so much weight. I'm pretty confused about my milk supply, to be honest. I'm worried but I also know that over-worrying isn't healthy for anyone!
  • If your baby is happy and baby's output is good you have nothing to worry about.

    Pumping is no where near as efficient as your baby is and is NO indicator at all of how much your baby is getting.

    Cluster feeding is totally normal at any point in the first 8 weeks or so.  Your baby is growing very rapidly, she needs the nutrition to do that and her stomach is very small, also, cluster feeding teaches YOUR BODY to make more milk, therefore allowing her to get more food.

    Nothing you posted is the least bit abnormal.  You are BFing a brand new baby, it is work, you are working...stick to it, calm down, trust your HAPPY child and your apparently BFing smart pediatrician/OB and you'll be just fine (and so will your little girl).

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