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I feel guilty

So without going into the extremely long and drawn out family drama, my MIL has things rough.  Her birthday is on Sunday and she wants to have an "un-birthday" and an "un-mother's day" so she doesn't have to deal with the family drama (from FIL).  Anyway, she not-so-subtly hinted that the only thing she wants is a Nook.  She does so much for us, like babysitting and taking us to dinner, but we just do not have $260 to spend on it, and DH's sisters don't have any money at all (one is only 15).

So I feel guilty.

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Re: I feel guilty

  • Those are the readers they sell at Barnes and Noble, right? Maybe you guys could pool your $ and get her a gift card for what ever you can afford? Let her know you know she wanted one, so to use that towards one? Unless part of her having things rough is her financial situation... then that could be a bad idea!
  • I agree with NikCole. Get a GC for what you can afford. Tell her that although you couldn't get one for her now, you wanted to help get her started towards one.
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