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Ah! We have a...

Tornado watch. I absolutely hate bad weather and I hate that DH works a half an hour aways and will be driving home in this later on this evening. I'm such a baby but it freaks me out! 

Re: Ah! We have a...

  • I am terrified of severe storms and tornadoes. Good thing I decided to move to the Midwest! Hopefully isn't as bad as they think and nothing comes of it.
    Brooke 10.15.08 & Molly 6.15.10


  • I'm watching the storm tracker and there is bright red heading this way for this evening. Ughhh. 
  • Ugh, we do too.
  • I am terrified of tornado's. I totally feel ya on this one!
  • I just made DH promise to leave his office by 5 because I don't want to be alone when this hits. Hopefully it won't start until 6. The wind just stopped so I'm like great, the calm before the storm. 
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