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Those who kept LO rear-facing

when did you make the switch to front-facing? Or maybe I should say how long will you keep them rear-facing?

 DD is still rear-facing but just went through a major growth spurt and her legs are so long now! It's getting to the point where it doesn't look very comfortable for her.  

Re: Those who kept LO rear-facing

  • I plan on keeping her RF until at least two. Keep in mind, that what may appear uncomfortable to us as adults is fine for our little flexible LO's:) - I love the sound you make when you shut up. Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers Lilypie Third Birthday tickers
  • The length of their legs really has nothing to do with their comfort. Kids can be in positions that would be incredibly awkward and even painful for adults, but it's nothing to them.

    My DS is almost 29 months and still happily RF. DD is almost 5 and still technically fits RF in both of our seats and she's 43". 

    I have a pic of her RF in our TrueFit for demo- I'll find it :)

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  • I am still RF mine, his legs don't stay straight while in the seat, but he does not complain (and trust me he'll let me know if he is uncomfortable, I don't have to decide for him)

    I am not sure how long I will, my thinking is until he is too big (we have a tall seat and the weight limit is 35 and we are no where close to that)  OR if he starts to freak out in the car then I would try to see if FF would make him happy, but so far he has been fine w/ it and he is now 2 yrs old.


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  • DS is still RF - he's 31.5" and 24 lbs.  I plan on keeping him that way for a while.
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  • I would like to keep her rear facing till 2, but she might get too long before then. So I guess till her legs get too long.
  • DS was rear facing until 2 weeks ago.  He's a long kid and I don't think he was ever uncomfortable, he just bent his legs.

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  • DS is 26 months and still RF.  He seems fine, so I guess I have no idea when we'll turn him.  He's only 25 pounds so I figure we'll hit the height limit before the weight limit.  Anytime after 2.5 I'll probably think about it.


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  • I should also add that DD sits cross-legged in her FF seat, too. My 2 year old folds his or puts them straight up against the back of the seat. It's much more comfortable for kids to bend their legs or fold them than to have them hang over the edge of the seat the way they do when the seat is FF.
  • Mine is still rearfacing, and required by law. He just turned one but he's not quite 20lbs yet. I plan on keeping him rearfacing as long as he's happy. He's still in his infant seat, but we have a convertible seat ready for when he's bigger. I will keep him rearfacing as long as possible for safety. I'm amazed at the number of 2 year olds still RF, that's great!
  • They aren't uncomfortable.  They are very flexible.  We're going to keep him rf until 2 and probably longer.

  • DS is still RF and he just bends his legs or puts them straight up on top of the seat. My parents tell me he looks uncomfortable but I don't think it's a problem and I would rather keep him safe.
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  • Until she hits the 35 pounds weight limit. If she were bigger now I would up to a 40 lb. limit seat, but she's only 19 lbs at 13 months so we're safe for a while. I'm hoping 2.5 or 3 years...
  • We're planning to keep DD RFed at least until 2. We will reevaulate again at that point. As pp said though, it may only look uncomfortable to us, kids seem to find the most bizarre positions to be comfortable!
  • DS is still rear facing at almost 20 months. He doesn't complain and doesn't look uncomfortable. We are leaving him this way until he outgrows the seat. At that point we may even reconsider purchasing a different seat.
  • Until at least 2.  I even have to buy another convertible car seat to make that happen.
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  • We will RF until DS hits the weight/height max on our seat. I am hoping that will be well after DS reaches 2yr. The weight limit is 35 for RF and he is only 19lbs now at a 1yr old.
  • DD is still rear-facing at 27 months. We turned her shortly after 2 (because that was our goal), but I still wasn't comfortable with her forward facing, so after about 1 1/2 months I ended up switching her back. I thought she would freak but she didn't. She doesn't mind it. I plan on keeping her that way until July or August.
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  • I plan on keeping DS rearfacing as long as he doesn't start getting car sick.  We just got the True Fit so we could keep him turned around longer (he grew out of his Graco ComfortSport because of his long torso).  He loves his new seat - it's so comfy and the recline helps him sleep on longer trips.
  • We'll turn DS at 2 - that was my bargain with DH.
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  • Still RF and DD is almost 2.  My goal was at least 2.  Now that we're almost there, I was thinking about turning her.  But I re-watched the videos of RFing and FFing and I just don't want to turn her.  She is fine RFing so we have no issues with it, so I figure why not.  Plus she has really short legs so I know she's not uncomfortable.
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  • DS will be two next month and he's still RFing. I think we're going to keep him that way until he hits the height or weight limit on the seat.
  • We are going 2 or until she fights it.  DD has long legs and though she may not be comfortable, she can fold her legs to be more comfortable.  Plus I'm more concerned with her safety than her comfort.
  • DS#2 is 18mos, 27lbs, 33" & still RFing.  I plan on keeping him RFing until he hits one of the limits for it.
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  • At least until 2, but probably longer. Ideally, I'd like to make it to 3.
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  • DD just turned 2.  We just turned her FF in my car, but she's still happily rear-facing in DH's truck.
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