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I think DD is weaning from her paci

I am trying hard to only give DD her paci at bedtime; I caved last week when she was super fussy in the car though, b/c seriously, my head was going to explode or I was going to drive off the road.

Anyway. .. .last night I gave it to her in her room right before bed and she proceeded to just chew on it and try to give to me.  I almost took it away. .. I think tonight I am just going to not mention it at bedtime and see if she will go to sleep w/o it.

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Re: I think DD is weaning from her paci

  • DD only uses it at nap and bedtime.  I told her the paci belongs in her crib and she'll hand it to me before getting out.  My Mom was here once and went to get DD from her nap.  DD grabbed her paci, threw it in the crib, and looked like she couldn't believe she was sucking on that and was embarrassed.  We now put it in the closet after naptime, bedtime, otherwise she'll find a way to get it out of her crib (pull on blanket or something to bring it to the edge.)
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