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Anyone put on an iron supplement post-delivery?

My Hemoglobin/Hemocrit are really low but I'm getting around well so they did not do a blood transfusion.  I was directed to start an OTC iron supplement.

It is really constipating me and, in turn, it is a daily struggle between being constipated and when I finally get relief, my hemorrhoids are aggravated.  So I get relief from one issue only to have another issue bother me.  I've basically discontinued the Rx narcotics I was sent home with (they are also constipating).  I'm taking 4-6 stool softeners and eating a ton of fruit, veggies and drinking water- so I'm doing all I can in terms of my diet.

Anyone get an iron shot?  I want to call and ask my Dr. about that next week if this fun cycle continues.


Re: Anyone put on an iron supplement post-delivery?

  • have you tried slow Iron? When i took a low dose of iron a lil while back cuz my iron was too low to give blood i took slow iron cuz that supposedly doesnt' constipate you as bad.
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  • I wasn't on iron, but was going to warn you about the constipations. Try a Fiber One bar each day. . .this should help if the stool softeners aren't. GL!
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  • or even benefiber (doesn't really taste bad to me cuz u can mix it in your drink)
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  • your story is oh-so-similar to mine.

    post-op day #1 my H/H was 6.0/16.
    i too, was doing fine, vitals fine. so i declined a transfusion.
    they said they'd give me "one more day."
    next day Hgb was 6.2 so i was spared.

    so yes, i was sent home on iron.
    i only took it a short bit.
    pick your battles. not taking it will not harm you..your levels will just come up more slowly.
    at my PP appt- Hgb was ~9.2 and i was feeling fine. 

    page me if i can help!  

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