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Okay we are about to be 14 mo. old...and saying nothing but ma-ma and babbling. No animal sounds, no signing....i try to teach him and he just doesnt even pay attention....should i be concerned?? I never thought about it until we had a play date recently with a 12 month little girl who could sign several things, say no, say all of her animal sounds..

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  • They say girls develop/learn a bit faster than boys, and in general, I wouldn't be woried. Every kids does this at his own pace.

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  • Your LO sounds normal to me. 

    My DD only had a few words around 18 months: mama, moo, zat (that?), dada, and oo oo (for choo choo).

    She didn't start saying more words til about 20 months.  She's 23 months now and she has at least 20-30 words, animal sounds, or other inanimate object sounds.  Each month she learns more. 

    I did have her evaluated for speech when she was 17 months old (it was a free eval through the county) and they said she was in the "normal" range. 

    Just remember every LO is different.  I have several LO's in my Moms group that are much more talkative than DD and they're all roughly the same age.  But then again, DD walked/ran/jumped well before they did.  Try not to worry.  :) 

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  • My DD is 14 months too and all she says in Daddy and Gi-Gi(our cat, Ginger).  That's it.  She technically say Mama, but not in relation to me and she's only said it a couple of times.  She'll say Daddy ALL DAY LONG, part talking to herself and part calling for him.  I'm not worried, our LO's will get there in their own time.

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