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teeth + nursing = OUCH!

So, my 10 month old DS has had teeth for a while, but all of the sudden, whenever he nurses on the left side, one of his teeth really irritates my boob.  When I take him off, there is a tooth imprint (close to bleeding, but not quite) not far from my nipple.  It hurts like hell!

I've tried taking him off and relatching, but it doesn't usually make a difference.  I've also tried to position the nipple in his mouth differently, but it usually doesn't make it any more comfortable.

Do you ladies have any tips?


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Re: teeth + nursing = OUCH!

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    Is he biting? My LO was biting and I just pulled him off and said "Uh Oh" and put him down. At first he laughed then he cried but after a few times he realized he couldn't bite me.
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