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Back from first appointment at the new RE

I posted before about being nervous that this was going to be a huge step back for us given the fact that we were with a specialist in PA for our previous two children (and four pregnancies).  Well, our 'two hour' appointment lasted all of 20 minutes followed by a quick ultrasound and bloodwork.  She looked at all of our old charts and said that since we have obviously figured out a way to get pregnant, there was no use starting at the beginning.  She is letting me finish out this cycle by either ovulating if I am close, or waiting a week to see if I ovulate and if I don't giving me Provera.  Then, I have the prescription and all of the instructions on taking Femara next cycle, which is what I used for my last successful pregnancy.  We're very happy!!

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  • I love RE's who think like that!!!!  GL!  I'm excited for you Smile
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  • Glad you like your new RE.  Lots of luck!
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  • That's great news that you don't have to waste any time getting started!
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  • YEA YEA YEA!!!! Awesome!
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