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uncharch7 you're my hero!

You are my favorite person today!  Thanks so much for your email and telling me about the program at the Y.  You're my hero!!

Re: uncharch7 you're my hero!

  • you're very welcome! if you need any more help please let me know, i'll be happy to try to help.

    i had been wondering if you had got it or if it got lost in cyberspace, i sent it several days ago but i know i've had a bunch of emails lost lately :(

    Baby Charchie born 12/22/2011
  • Sorry, I thought I replied to you, but I guess I never did.  Last Saturday was Kids Day at the Y so we went for a tour and all the activities and for a free swim.  Seeing how they reacted (both very differently) to the water made me want even MORE to get them in swim lessons.  So we applied for the financial aid program (its called Pathways here) and they're giving us 60% towards membership fees and 50% off swim lessons and any sports activities we want to sign the kids up.  So, our joining fee, partial month, first month and swim lessons for both girls was ALL less then what I would have paid for just their swim lessons if it hadn't been for you.  So THANKS!  And just in time...the girls swim lessons start on Monday.  AND I have an appointment Monday morning with a wellness coach, so hopefully I can get some good coaching and FINALLY get in shape and lose all this weight.  I just can't tell you how grateful I am that you shared that information with me! :)  Thanks again! :)
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  • no worries! i'm SO glad it worked out for you!!! i hope they enjoy their lessons, and GL with your appointment monday!
    Baby Charchie born 12/22/2011
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