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Father's Day gift ideas

So this will be my husband's first father's day and I wanted to get him something special but I am at a total loss.  I dont even know where to begin thinking of what to get him...Our anniversary was on Monday and I bought him a hammock and now have no idea what to get.  Any ideas? What did you all do for your hubby's first father's day?

Re: Father's Day gift ideas

  • I have no idea on this one, but I want to get DH something baby related for his first daddy-to-be Father's Day.
  • Since baby is already here, I'd get him something w/ the baby.  Maybe have a photo of him and baby framed for his office?  Or buy him some "Daddy and Baby" books from baby so he can read to the baby at bedtime?

    I'm at a loss as to what to get DH for father's day this yr...

    -- Jackie
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  • These are my ideas: a watch with Cati's birthday engraved on it or one of those silhouette charms also with her birthday engraved on it.
  • Maybe a really nice picture of you and the baby together in a nice frame.
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