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Father of the year award...

will NOT be going to my husband this year.  Yesterday he pretty much dropped Justin on his head.  Ok, so it was a total accident (obviously) but still!!  We were leaving the sitter's and he was holding Justin on her front porch.  Justin is Mr. Independent now and doesn't like to be held much. Well I guess he was squirming to get down and my husband lost his grip on him.  Justin landed right on his head.  He cried/screamed like we never heard him do before.  Luckily he was ok.  And we made sure to check all the signs for a concussion which he had none of.  Other than a bruise and red mark on his forehead, you'd never know he was hurt.  Boy was that scary though!!!
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Re: Father of the year award...

  • Aww. that sucks. I am glad justin is OK.. I am sure your husband feels bad.. All the bad stuff seems to happen to Eve when she is in my care so it makes me feel like the bad parent (I think maybe I AM the bad parent)
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  • I hate when stuff like that happens. If it happens to my DH...I always make sure to NOT make him feel like an a-hole. He doesn't return the favor, though.

    Glad your little guy is ok!! Evan took a faceplant and bit his lip was so bloody I thought he broke his nose! But after a little water he was fine....these kids are pretty resilient. Which is a good thing...cause parents can be a-holes!

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  • Oh my gosh! How scary! So glad he's ok!

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  • oh poor justin and poor dh.  The feeling of guilt when you hurt your child is unbelievable.  I felt horrible when I fell with Ethan at Wegamans

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