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AW: Zoo trip

I took the kids to the zoo this am...all by myself! Go me! Haha.

Re: AW: Zoo trip

  • YAY! Good job!
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  • Yay!
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  • Awesome! Good for you!
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  • You're brave.  I don't think I've taken both my boys anywhere by myself yet, though I probably would have if I had a double stroller!  I need to get one!!
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  • That's awesome! Good job! I still get nervous when I have to take T somewhere just her and I....cuz DH is usually the one alone with her. Whenever I'm home we usually go places all together.

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  • That's awesome.  I've already started thinking about how hard it will be to take both kids out together.
  • yay! Did they have fun? I wanted to take Evan today, but he took a marathon morning nap, and then we HAD to go to Target (he was out of formula) so I ran out of time. DH wants to go tomorrow, but I'm trying to make him realize how crazy busy it will be.

  • The lines have been crazy in the past couple of weeks...but it was nice and quiet there today : )

    They were great - Leah fell asleep once we got there. and Evan was pretty relaxed until I took him out to see the polar bear swimming and he wanted to walk by himself.

    My next goal is to get all gussied up like all the other moms....I even saw coach wedge/sandles! Really?!

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