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DD won't take a bottle. Any other tools...

we can try to get her to take some breastmilk? We have a wedding coming up where we will be gone for 8 hours or so. I'm hoping she will just take it if she's hungry enough. We've practiced several times (usually with me out of the house) and she might take half and ounce or so but fusses and seems stressed. So I thought I'd ask if there are any other secrets I could try.  Thanks!

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Re: DD won't take a bottle. Any other tools...

  • Will she suck your pinky? We've used a syringe put next to a pinky (she then sucks both and you slowly administer milk) with good success. It's slow but worked when we couldn't use bottles and she wasn't getting enough from my breast,
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  • Thanks, good idea. This is exactly what I was looking for. Your LO is adorable btw!

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  • try a bigger nipple size. I know all the books say to not use higher than a NB size, but DD took only the medium size from day one and fussed at the NB size. GL!


  • Thanks, that's another good tip. Maybe she was getting so frustrated because she couldn't get anything out. Ok, thanks!
    Cricket's Cadence
  • What type of bottle are you using?  We had to switch from Drop-ins to NUK bottles.  Also, check the temperature of the milk.  Lastly, leave a shirt you've worn and have whomever is feeding her to drape it over their shoulder so she can still smell Mommy.

    LO took us through it when I first returned to work. 

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