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Hooter Hider and plus size girls

Any plus girls use Hooter Hider?  I am looking at buying it and wondering if it works well for plus sizes girls. 

Re: Hooter Hider and plus size girls

  • I would think it would work well. I'm definitely overweight right now and have no problems at all. You're able to tie the top of it how you want, so you can just throw it over your head like a shirt, so that's adjustable. And I do feel covered on both sides of me, like where the baby is nursing, and also by her feet. Her feet stick out a little, but overall  I love this nursing cover. It also has a wide top that makes it easy to look at your LO.
    Cricket's Cadence
  • I actually have the Udder Cover and haven't had any issues.  I'm a size 20.
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  • It's too small for me to wrap over my whole body so I have to switch it from side to side and the fabric's too flimsy so it drapes against me and I can't see down to him.  I've just given up on using a cover.
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