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Convo w/ My Boss About DS's Sleep

I had a meeting with my boss today & she asked how our sleep specialist appt went. I kept the details about it short & just said that it appeared that Ari's reflux was still bad & that was the problem. She asked if he was STTN or just waking up crying & I explained that he just was fitful & snored & rarely woke up fully, or he may be awake but trying to fall back to sleep.

So she says "have you ever tried letting him sleep in your bed? It may help, my son STTN if he was in bed with us but would be up all night otherwise."  I told her we did that already & she said not to let anyone make us feel bad about it, that other cultures do it & their kids aren't still sleeping in their parents bed when they're older, & her son transitioned to a big boy bed at 18 months w/o issue. 

She also said her friend's kid had terrible reflux that they couldn't get controlled, & he just started STTN all of the sudden @ 13 months & they weaned him off his meds shortly thereafter.

Just nice to hear today. 

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Re: Convo w/ My Boss About DS's Sleep

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