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newborn cloth diapers

We used cd's with C, but we did not start until he was about a year old.  I want to start buying some diapers now to round out my collection.  Which cd's were best for newborns?  C was 8lb3oz when he was born--not sure if the next will be about the same weight or not [is that a heredity thing?].  Also, how many should I make sure to have on hand for a newborn?

Re: newborn cloth diapers

  • We used Kisaaluv newborn fitted with prorap covers for both girls during the newborn stage.  I think they wore them until they were about 12 lbs (can't remember exactly).  I had 22 diapers and 6 covers.
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  • if i were to go back and do it again, i'd use prefolds for NBs. i'd probably get some fitteds for overnight, but then just get 2 dozen prefolds and a few covers until the kiddo fits into the one-size.

    in fact, that IS what we'll be doing for our next Smile

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  • I recommend a combo of fitteds and prefolds for newborns.  Prefolds are so much cheaper and you need so many diapers that I think they're an ideal backup to fitteds.  Of course, plenty of people use exclusively prefolds and love them from the start.  It's up to you!!!
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