28.5 weeks pregnant

I was feeling pretty good up until the last day or so, now I feel like I have hit a wall. Am I going to feel like this the rest of the pregnancy? 
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Re: 28.5 weeks pregnant

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    Right there with you :(

     I just feel like it could be worse....or can get worse.

    So hang in there!

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    Right around 28/29 weeks is when I REALLY started to feel it.  I left work at 29 weeks.  For weeks 29-32 I felt like a brand new woman!  It really helped not having to go to work.  Then when 32.5 weeks came................I hit that second wall!
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    I started feeling the same way right around then....and then my girls came at 31 weeks. Try to rest as much as you can! ( you won't be able to soon Wink ) A warm bath at the end of the day sometimes gave me relief for an hour or two. Hang in there!
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    Me too! I am still working as a 3rd grade teacher full time and am so tired! Don't know how much longer I can make it!
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