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  • EBFing for the first 1 year worked for us last time (DD # 1 did not go for more than 3-4 hr stretches between nursing day and night)

    We are not going to use any contraceptive this time either - if i do get pregnant (very small chance if i nurse or pump around the clock just like i did with DD # 1), we will not be terribly upset.

  • I did not go back on anything b/c it took us a year to get pregnant the first time.  This time it only took 2 months so I'm glad I made the decision I did.
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  • We use a diaphragm/spermicide and when DD starts sleeping longer I will chart (FAM/TCOYF) again
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  • I am also relying on BFing. ?LO eats around the clock so I'm pretty sure I'm not ovulating yet;)
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  • Nothing - I'm EBFing and doubt I'll get my period until I stop, judging from my family members.  But if an oops happened in the meantime, I'd be thrilled.
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  • We use VCF (Vaginal Contraceptive Film) most of the time.  Occasionally pull and pray.  :)  We want a third, just not necessarily now, but if we had an ooops that would be okay.  It's probably pointless since I'm pretty sure I'm not ovulating yet... 
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  • Depo and I can't wait until until these 3 months pass...I'm getting Mirena.
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    I'm IF so no BC for us.  If I do get KU it will be some kind of miracle, and I will take it at any time!

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  • With both my boys (and after this one) we used NFP and will do the same.  I didn't temp, but checked cervix/ mucus daily and if there was every any "questionable" times, we used condoms or the "pull and pray".  It worked well to space out our family. We used it before getting pregnant though so I was familar with my fertility signs.
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