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What a DIVA we have...

This morning Kimberly was getting dressed, and she was told to pick out her clothes out of the pile of clean clothes that were on the couch.  She picked up a shirt and unfolded it, looked at it real close, and this is the conversation that followed:

Kimberly: "Didn't I wear this shirt the other day?"
Mommy: "Yes you did, but its ok because we washed it so its clean."
Kimberly: "Oh no no no no, I can't wear something I wear the other day." 

What a DIVA! 


Re: What a DIVA we have...

  • :)  She should be fun when she's 16.
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  • Oh, my! I wonder what she would do if she knew I wore the same shirt to work twice in one week?  Surprise

    (Totally by accident, of course. It wasn't until I got home from work after the second wearing that I realized I'd done that. Oops!)

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  • oh mercy!
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    ***Baby #3: BFP Mother

  • too funny!
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