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DS & medication

DS is on more antibiotics for his double ear infection.  He is usually fine taking meds, however for some reason this time around, giving it to his has been difficult.  He freaks out when he sees us coming with it, he fights me, and as soon as i give it to him, he gags and throws up most of what is in his stomach (which in the past few days has not been much) since he doesn't really want to eat anything. 

I realized that sometimes, i would just squeeze the whole dropper in his mouth and thought that was probably why he would gag, but I started to slowly drop small amounts into the side of his cheek, let him taste and swallow, then he would gag and throw up too.

Is there any easier way to get him to take his medicine.  I've tried putting it in his bottle, but then he sometimes doesn't hardly eat anything.  Maybe 1-2 oz...other times it seems likes it taken him to want to eat every 5 hours...

Thanks for reading, I just don't know what to do.  Maybe he doesn't like the taste?

Re: DS & medication

  • Poor baby!  Ear infections suck.  When S has been difficult about taking her meds I've put it in a bottle with only 1 oz of milk and crossed my fingers that she'll take down at least 1 oz.  I hope he feels better soon.
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  • What is he on? I know a time or two we have paid Walgreens to flavor Riley's meds just to avoid this. You wouldn't believe how NASTY some meds taste. My suggestion is to taste it and if you think that is the issue go to Walgreens and have them flavor it. I think it is 2 dollars to have it done, and well worth it if it means he will take it without a fight.
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