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Who watched The Hills this week?

OMG Heidi looked HORRIBLE!! Absolutely terrible! What husband in their right mind would find all her surgeries okay???
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Re: Who watched The Hills this week?

  • I freaking missed it.  I am so mad...hope I catch it sometime this weekend.  But she does look horrible.  Just reaffirms for me that she is STUPID!
  • yes, she looks terrible!  her face did not move when she was crying.

    what kind of husband?  a very insecure one......awful.  i feel terrible for her mother.

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  • I kinda gave up on the show when Lauren left but I agree that Heidi looks terrible, and I feel really bad for her mom as well.  Heidi used to seem so normal and once Spencer entered the picture, she went all crazy!

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  • She looks beyond aweful!  She was sooo pretty before, I just don't get it! And I feel SOOOO bad for her mom! I would die if my beautiful girls did that!!!
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