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What does a clogged duct feel like?

I have a painful area in one breast, about an inch away from my nipple, and if I feel with my fingers, I can feel a hard area, like a marble.  "What to Expect" says a clogged duct looks red and like a lump, but I can't actually see anything, I can just feel it.  It hurts to touch it.  Could this be a clogged duct?

Also, I just got my first pp period (I'm 8 weeks pp, and EPing)... could having my period, with all the hormonal changes, do something like that to my breasts?


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Re: What does a clogged duct feel like?

  • Sounds like a clogged duct.  They only get red when infected (mastitis).  Massage it every time you pump to help it unclog.  Mastitis is no fun.
  • So glad this question got asked. Also, how long does it usually take to unclog? I EP also and today feels like a rather large lump in my boob. I have been massaging it, applying warm compress, and even took a warm bath. When would you go to the doctor...

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  • I just experienced the same thing a couple of days again and after constant nursing and massaging, the lump has moved down or away b/c it's no longer there (mine too felt like a marble).  Just keep on massaging it - I did it alot when pumping at work and it appears to have worked.
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    Yup, sounds like a clogged duct.  They can feel like a marble, a bigger lump than that, or sometimes mine feel long and thin, like a finger under the skin (weird description, I know).

    I've been getting them every couple of weeks.  I usually take a hot shower and massage the crap out of it.  Then nurse, nurse, nurse!  The baby can get it out better than a pump can.  But if you EP, massage while you pump.

    If it's not gone within a couple days, starts getting red on the skin, and/or you start feeling feverish, then I'd call the doctor. 

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  • Sounds like a clogged duct.  People say heat doesn't do anything, but it has worked everytime for me.  I would use the heating pad right before feeding, and just keep massaging.
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