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Anyone having braxton hicks every night?

I'm really not noticing them during the day, but once I sit down at night, they are pretty regular. And it is every single night. Just curious if anyone else is experiencing the same, or if this might be a precursor to PTL (went into labor with DD at 31 weeks.) TIA!
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Re: Anyone having braxton hicks every night?

  • I get them all the time - mostly at night as well and sometimes they get pretty uncomfortable and sometimes hurt a fair bit.     With my first two pregnancies, they started around the 15 week mark and were continuous right through until the end (full term with both - 1st:  42 weeks and 2nd: 39weeks).   

    If you are concerned, you can talk about it with your Dr:)   I'm not concerned for myself, just because of my past experiences with them.

  • I started having BH regularly since 27 weeks.  They have lessened a little bit, but I have them on and off all day.  This is my first pg so I don't know their relation to PTL. 
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  • Mine seemed to pick up right at 30 weeks.  I think they are normal, but you should check with your OB to be sure for yourself.
  • I have them on and off all day but they really pick up in the evening and after I go to bed.  Dr. told me to keep track of how many and up untill now it was If I had more than 4 an hour I needed to call, but now its if I have more than 6 an hour.  But there are some night when I surpass the 6. I dont always call unless there very strong or have pain with them.
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  • had them for the first time last night and lasted all night and a little bit today!
  • I get 'em every day too, usually at night.  
  • Im at 38 weeks. Up until a few weeks ago I used to get them whenever I got up from a sitting position...or after going pee.

    Now they wake me up every night.  they are really intense and even sometimes painful

  • Yep, I can practically set my clock to mine. Every night around 8 pm for the last week they start, and absolutely take my breath away. They are becoming more painful as the days go on.

    I did find out Sunday that I was beginning to dialate, and today's appt says I'm a little more dialated than before but not much more. He said 1-2 cm this time, as opposed to a definite answer.

    He told me if I have more than 5 in hr or they're coming every 2 mins with pain to go to L&D. I'd definitely talk to my doc about it just to see what he/she says.

  • I'm getting them all the time now.  At least once or twice an hour.  They're only uncomfortable if I'm really full from eating...
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  • Yes...but I only figured out for sure what BH were at 36 weeks.  Before then, I thought it was just LO pushing against my stomach....which kind of scares me because I think I've been feeling BH before 36 weeks and just didn't know it.  Ever since then, I've been feeling them every day, mostly in the evenings, but lately I've been feeling them in the mornings, too. 

    I would say that if they're not painful, don't worry about them that much.  It's different for everyone - some women experience BH that are painful pretty early on and it turns out to be nothing.  Definitely watch them, and if they become timeable then it's time to call the doctor. 

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  • All day and night for me. I had been to the hospital twice this week. But now I am just holding out at home. I was told that if I had 6 or more an hour to go in. But now I am only going to go in if they get stronger or longer.
  • Every night...every day.  Depends on the day how many and when they start.  Definitely influenced by how much I do that day or even the day before.  I have had times when I have had up to 10 in an hour.  My doc isn't concerned as long as I can talk through them and there are no other signs of labor.  I don't remember having this many the first time I was pregnant but they say you feel them more with your second.  Not sure if they influence earlier labor.
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