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My Baby Is In The Hospital! (sorta long)

So last night I Bf Collin at 5pm. Nothing abnormal. Fed for 20 mins and was fine and happy. Fed him again at 8:45pm (I got sidetracked doing dishes so was a little late). He just didnt seem right. He wouldnt really look at me or engage in cooing with me like he has been. He only fed for 5-7 minutes and was done. So then I fed again at 11:30ish and I thought that he felt a little bit warm. So I took his temp under arm.100.5. This concerned me so I went back and forth on calling the nurseline through United Healthcare. I decided that I would recheck his temp at his 3am feeding. I didnt sleep that great, but good enough to have missed the 3am feeding and so did he. I woke at 6am and he was still sleeping. Ok now I was concerned. I fed him and he seemed to eat normal but his temp was still 99.6 under the arm. We went to the pedi this morning and he said his left ear looked a little red but nothing that would constitute a full blown ear infection that would require treatment. He took a rectal temp...101.5. he decided that Collin needed to be admitted so he could run various tests. So here I am my poor baby has had a chest xray, labs drawn, a catheder to collect a urine sample and spinal tap. Now I am just waiting for some results. Prelim results of the tap looks good, but that is all we have so far. I guess I will be staying at Hotel Sutter Roseville for the next 72 hours min. This sucks!!!!! Please pray for my poor baby that he will get over whatever it is that he has FAST!


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Re: My Baby Is In The Hospital! (sorta long)

  • Oh goodness, how scary! I hope they figure it out soon and your little guy starts feeling better. Tons of dust to you guys!
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  • lots of prayers for your family
  • Oh no!! That is not good. I hope he heals quickly and you can leave the hospital as fast as possible!
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  • So sorry to hear your little guy has to go through all that, hope he is feeling better soon

    Thoughts and prayers going out to you and your family

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  • Oh no, how scary, I hope it's a little bug that passes quickly.  Sending my prayer to little Collin.
  • I'm so sorry!  Sending lots of prayers your way!!!
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  • Get well quickly LO!
  • Oh no! I hope the find out what's going on with him quickly and he'll be back home with you.
  • Oh no! Lots of prayers being sent your way!
  • oh no! Get better baby dust!
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  • OH NO....scary!  Lots of dust for you and that baby boy!!  HUGS.
  • Oh no! Sending lots of thoughts and prayers your way. Hoping they can figure it out quickly. 

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  • I;m so so sorry to hear that your baby is sick. I am glad he is getting good care and your pediatrician is doing the right thing. Hopefully it's nothing and he will perk up real soon. Big huge hugs.
  • How scary but great job trusting yuor mommy gut!
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  • Poor baby and poor mommy!  Sending all of you prayers and good thoughts that he feels better soon. 
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  • Oh NO!   Thinking of you and sending lots of good well vibes! Please let me know if you need anything! I'm not very far from the hospital!
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  • You've got my prayers.  GL!  Please keep us posted.
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  • Oh, I hope he's feeling better soon poor baby. T&P!
  • Thinking many good thoughts for you!  Hugs!
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  • How scary. Totally sending prayers and good thoughts your way.
  • passing on the best thoughts to your bundle of joy... and plenty of hugs as well.
  • Oh no!! Sending you lots of dust and you are in my thoughts. I hope that comes home very soon!!
  • Poor sweet horrible.  I am sending all good thoughts your way, and hoping you are all home soon.

     I'm not far away and around all weekend, so please don't hesitate to let me know if I can do anything - Mel has my numbers.

    Big hugs coming your way...

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  • Awwwww poor little guy. I hope he's better soon. Big hugs to you!
  • I'm late in seeing this, and I'm hoping Collin is already much, much better.  Hope you all are doing well.  Let us know how things are going when you get the chance.
  • I'm sorry! I hope he gets well soon!
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  • Keeping you and your little guy in my thoughts.
  • lots of T&P.
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  • oh no! I'm sending lots of well wishes your way!

    please keep us posted

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  • I'm sorry - hope your LO gets well soon!
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  • Oh no!  Prayers for your LO!
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  • lots of thoughts and prayers. And a hug. 
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  • Fingers crossed that he's feeling better soon.
  • (hugs)

    I hope that today brings answers for you and that your little man starts getting better soon.

  • Good Mommy Gut!!  I'll be thinking of you and your DS.
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