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XP: antibiotics and breastmilk

Have you ever taken Azithromycin (Z-Pac) while breastfeeding?  If so, was everything OK with LO?

I have a sinus infection and was prescribed the Z-Pac.  I asked the Dr if it was okay to take while BFing and he said yes.    I read the literature that came with the meds and it said that the meds pass through to the breast milk and to consult Dr before taking.

Should I worry???

I am going to call the pedi in the morning to double check before taking....

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Re: XP: antibiotics and breastmilk

  • I didn't take that particular drug, but I did have to take an antibiotic that had the same message on the literature ("meds pass through milk, consult dr").  I had specifically asked the doc when she prescribed it and I asked the pharmacist when I picked it up.  Both said it was fine. 

    I also looked it up online (thank you google) because I was paranoid about it.  The info I got online said that this particular antibiotic could sometimes cause diarrhea in the BFed infant.  I just kept my eyes peeled and we had no problems at all.

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